The President's Message

Meegan Veeder-Shave

Have you ever wanted to learn how to quilt?
Do you want to learn new quilting ideas and techniques?
Do you want to meet people who have fiber art interests and make new friends?

Join us for motivation, encouragement and camaraderie. All levels of quilters are welcome. We have workshops and speakers and special events to provide opportunities to learn and practice quilting in its many different forms. We would love to see you come and learn about this truly expressive art.
Meegan Veeder-Shave- President

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Welcome back to the Quilter's guild season- It's so much fun to see everyone after the summer.  A few thoughts for you to ponder-

Our guild is run by you- we need people to help with some of our positions. Now, I know it can feel intimidating to take over something so what I'd like to try is a mentorship type program. If you think there is something that you are interested in helping with and might want to learn more about what it entails, let me know and you can "shadow" the current person who does the job and they can tell you more about it. We need more people for the nominating committee and someone to help with social media. This is your chance to meet some new people and help support the guild.

Second- Remember that the quilt show is coming up. Think about entering in the show- even if it's the display only category, you never know who you are going to inspire. Cosette and I are putting some in (even though I'm in Virginia that weekend). You should too. It really does feel good to see your work hanging in the show.

Third- We are going to try something new with the newsletter but that doesn't have to be the only place that changes. If you have ideas, suggestions or comments, feel free to share them with me - potential speakers, things we have done in the past to bring back, (Secret Santa, round robin, etc.). We once did a very interesting block exchange where everyone made the same block 12 or 16 times with other people's fabric and it was neat to see how the same blocks in different fabrics played out. BUT, this may mean that we need someone to help with these programs. Feel free to contact me with any of these ideas.

So, in short, it takes a village to raise a child but it also takes lots of quilters (and volunteers) to make a guild.

Happy Quilting
Meegan Veeder-Shave
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       Wed. 23      Barb Vedder - "The Story of My Life" presentation and                                                                trunk show

                  At the Farm and Home Center in Millbrook.

Coming in September

Wed. 18      Freedom Plains United Presbyterian Church on Route 55                                           in Lagrangeville.                     

                     Karen Dever – My Garden of Quilts – Botanical Textiles

                     Quilt Appraisals with Karen Dever – Contact Janice Peterson

Wed. 19      Quilt Appraisal with Karen Dever.   If interested –

                     Contact Janice Peterson

Thurs. 19   Community Quilt Bee/ Liz's Barn 10 am