The President's Message

Meegan Veeder-Shave

Have you ever wanted to learn how to quilt?
Do you want to learn new quilting ideas and techniques?
Do you want to meet people who have fiber art interests and make new friends?

Join us for motivation, encouragement and camaraderie. All levels of quilters are welcome. We have workshops and speakers and special events to provide opportunities to learn and practice quilting in its many different forms. We would love to see you come and learn about this truly expressive art.
Meegan Veeder-Shave- President

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April:  Well, spring is upon us and we can all be thankful for that. Social distancing - well not so much but if it reminds of things to be happy for then I guess the message was received. I'm not sure about you but this time of deprivation, which is mild compared to what my grandparents faced
during war rationing and the depression, has showed me a few things. 

1. I knew I had a lot of "supplies" and I am grateful for being able to have them and use them to help others and maybe in the future I will be a little more discerning when I shop. However at the rate I'm going through thread I may want to keep that well stocked.

2. I know it sounds corny but I am happy I had this family time. We are a little crazy but we tried some things we had been meaning to and we could spend some down time together. That doesn't mean we didn't have ALOT of crying time for the things that were lost, but we could help each other through it.

3. I haven't developed the body that I need to, to be able to sew for 3 weeks straight and that changing it up isn't a bad thing. After so much sewing my wrist and shoulder protested and I developed tendonitis which mean I had to -gasp- not sew for a couple of days. But that didn't mean I couldn't get some of the other things done. 

4. I learned how to reach out to people virtually and while it didn't take the place of an actual person, it did help stay connected. However, technology still doesn't like me and my phone, my voicemail and my computer monitor all decided it was a good time to leave my sphere. So if you
left me a message it may have gotten lost in the missing technology. Please reach out again.

5. Flexibility has been key and will be key for the foreseeable future and things will turn out alright in the end.

In stitches, Meegan


Dutchess Heritage Quilt Show 

Raffle Quilt update

Remember those packets we were going to hand out at the March meeting? If you would like something to work on during the "Pause", please let me know, and we'll try to get one to you. 

Take care!

Linda Dearing 845 471-9286

    Weather Cancellation Policy
If Arlington schools are closed because of winter weather, etc. the FDQ meeting will be canceled.
School cancellations are at .

In addition, a meeting could be canceled
due to nasty weather late in the day, after school hours.

If a meeting is canceled for any reason, it will be posted on the website on the  Home and Activities pages .  

Also, we will try to send out an email, and/or an old-fashioned telephone tree.

From Our President – Meegaen Veeder-Shave


April Meeting and Workshop are Cancelled

Future Meetings to be Determined