Connecting You
with the Art of Quilting

The President's Message

Carol Weber

Welcome to the First Dutchess Quilters' Guild.  Whether you are new to the guild or a long time member, we hope you feel welcome at our meetings and other events.  The best way to feel more a part of the group is to get involved, come to meetings, participate in workshops, community quilting, Super Saturday, bus trips, volunteer for a guild position or at the Dutchess Heritage Quilt Show.  

President, Carol Weber

Coming In April

The following suggestions, “ 7 Habits of Highly Creative People” are from Antoinette Seaman. I hope you can put these ideas into practice as you create future quilts.

1. Learn Something New Every Day – Creativity happens when you make the effort to try something new every day.
2. Connect the Dots – When you see the connection between facts, you’re able to create something different.
3. See the Potential and Make a List – Use lists as a place to see ideas before they get overrun by another wave of creative thought.
4. Don’t Shut the Door on Creativity – Create now and edit after. Who knows where your creative mind will go?
5. Keep a Broad Perspective – Roll with the punches, adapt to demands, and carve out a new path by thinking outside the box.
6. Say No a Lot More Than You Think – Sifting out the stuff that doesn’t work is just as important as keeping the things that do work.
7. Share Your “Ah Ha” Moments – Collaboration is the key to developing ideas and taking them places you hadn’t thought of before.
Happy Quilting,

Weather Cancellation Policy

If Arlington schools are closed because of winter weather, the FDQ meeting will be canceled. School cancellations are at . In addition, a meeting could be canceled due to nasty weather late in the day, after school hours.  Be aware that the library can close for weather independent of the school districts. So, also check the library website (

If a meeting is canceled, it will be posted on the website on the Home and Current Events pages . Look for the heading “About FDQ” and the current events.

Coming In MARCH

Wed. 21 FDQ Meeting:              

Elly Levie 

Rock Your Quilting 

News Flash… We have the opportunity to add another workshop to our schedule this year – in March. Keep in mind we also have Sue Pritt’s applique’ workshop in April, and a Threads workshop in May.

Eleanor Levie will be at our meeting on March 21 with “Rock your Quilting!” and is presenting a workshop , Nine Patch Goes Wild on Thursday the 22nd. Check out her website  

Sat. 7          Super Saturday, St. John’s Lutheran Church 

Wed. 18      FDQ Meeting:  Sue Pritt                                                             http:/   

Thurs. 19    Workshop:  Sue Pritt Applique Workshop

Thurs. 19     Community Quilt Bee/ Barn

Thurs. 26    New Jersey Quilt Festival

March 21st meeting is             canceled

March 21st meeting is canceled

March 21st meeting is canceled