The President's Message

Meegan Veeder-Shave

Have you ever wanted to learn how to quilt?
Do you want to learn new quilting ideas and techniques?
Do you want to meet people who have fiber art interests and make new friends?

Join us for motivation, encouragement and camaraderie. All levels of quilters are welcome. We have workshops and speakers and special events to provide opportunities to learn and practice quilting in its many different forms. We would love to see you come and learn about this truly expressive art.
Meegan Veeder-Shave- President

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"Happy New Year! May she be a damn sight better than the last!" -MASH

Today one of the books I was reading had a quote from Jean-Jacques Rousseau that seemed totally appropriate for the current climate: "What wisdom can you find that is greater than kindness?"

I remember asking my daughter once who had interviewed her for a scholarship, and she responded that it was a woman with kind eyes. I thought that was how I would like to be described. It was a great compliment that she paid. This world needs more kindness and more acceptance. Many
quilters that I have met are kind people after all we generally give gifts of the heart and with every quilt goes a little piece of us. Recently I was given an old tattered quilt that was partially destroyed by mice as I looked at how I could save it. I was struck by some thoughts like- just what had this quilt witnessed during it's time? What had the hands that put it together thought of while it was being made? Who had slept under it? Then I realized that some day some of my quilts might look like this and I would want someone to treat it with kindness and make something that could extend the time that it could be treasured for.

Kindness can be to anything, human, animal, or even objects but it also means treating others like you would want to be treated. Right now treat each other with kindness- we all can use it. Enjoy the quilting weather and stay safe

One stitch at a time,
Meegan Veeder-Shave


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