Definition of "challenge": a stimulating task or problem

So, what is a quilt challenge? Generally, a quilt challenge consists of a theme and a set of rules. Each participant creates their own project that fits those rules and theme. Challenge projects tend to be small and quilters approach a challenge from many different angles. Perhaps this is a chance to try a new technique or conquer an old technique you feel you have never mastered. It may require the use materials or colors that you would not normally choose. Creativity can run wild to fit your project to the theme. Most importantly, it is a chance to have fun and maybe go a little 'out there'

After a brief hiatus, FDQ Challenges are back! Since this has been a dreary and gray winter, I have chosen a bright and cheerful challenge which will be introduced at the April meeting.

Embellished Holiday Houses:

Here are the spectacular results of the Holiday House Challenge.  Be sure to scroll all the way to the right to see everything.  Fantastic job ladies!