Definition of "challenge": a stimulating task or problem

So, what is a quilt challenge? Generally, a quilt challenge consists of a theme and a set of rules. Each participant creates their own project that fits those rules and theme. Challenge projects tend to be small and quilters approach a challenge from many different angles. Perhaps this is a chance to try a new technique or conquer an old technique you feel you have never mastered. It may require the use materials or colors that you would not normally choose. Creativity can run wild to fit your project to the theme. Most importantly, it is a chance to have fun and maybe go a little 'out there'

Covid 19 Challenge

The Corona virus has touched every one of us in some way. Maybe you've had time to create,
maybe it has made you more anxious, maybe you hoarded toilet paper secretly. Let's use this
time to put its impact into a challenge!  It would be great for people in the future to see how this affected us through our quilting.

1. It needs to be: no smaller than 15 x 15, no larger than 24x24. It does not need to be square
- any shape can be used.

2. It needs to have a label on the back that can explain the quilt (or not) but should have your
name and Corona challenge 2020 on it.

3.The quilt needs to be bound and finished

The quilts will be judged, and the winners will get a prize. Also  consider
exhibiting it in a special display at the next Dutchess Heritage Quilt Show