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                                                        Jennifer Basile
Welcome to a new year at First Dutchess Quilters Guild! Come with a friend, bring a guest, or meet new friends who share common interests in the art and craft of quilting.
Membership is  due at the September meeting.  A reduced membership fee for part year membership, is for new members joining after December 31, 2019. Guests are always welcome at FDQ meetings, we do appreciate a guest donation particularly when we have a paid speaker or materials provided at the meeting. Dues finance the activities of the Guild (except those that are covered by special fees such as trips and workshops).

                                                         Raymonda Crowe
Sunshine sends cards to our members who are hospitalized or have a death in their immediate family. This works only if members let Raymonda or Meegan Veeder-Shave know if they know someone in our guild who is in need of a little sunshine in their life.

                                                        Share and Inspire
At the end of each FDQ Meeting, members show their completed projects. These projects can be from Super Saturday Classes, speaker workshops, or personal projects. It's a treasured time for all and very inspiring for the viewers.

                                                           Elaine Watkins
Each winter we get an opportunity for a break by getting away for a weekend of nonstop sewing.
Our annual retreat weekend will be January 17 - 19, 2020.  This is a fun long weekend to get away and sew till you drop! Bring your own projects to work on and whatever equipment you need (sewing machine, iron and board, extra light, etc.). Non-members of FDQ are welcome and may register starting Oct.12.
Details and registration forms will be in the September - November newsletters.

                                                       Community Quilts
                                                             Holly Harvey
Community Quilts meets approximately once a month, typically on the third Thursday of the month. Traditionally during the warmer months we meet at Liz's barn ). Our meetings run from 10:00 AM to 2:00 PM, and include a brown bag lunch break. We work on quilts that are donated to charity. Some of the organizations that we have donated to include the Children's Home of Poughkeepsie, Carenet, Astor Home for Children, the Veteran's Administration at Castle Point, and Center for Prevention of Child Abuse.
All are welcome to come to the bees to either help for the day, or on a more long-term basis. If you cannot make a bee, please consider working on a quilt kit that are prepared for you and available at the regular guild meetings.  Also, if you are learning free motion quilting, quilting one of the quilts is a great way to practice your new skills!

                                                              Super Saturday
                                                             Shelley Greener
Spring Super Saturday is usually held at St. John’s Lutheran Church, 55 Wilbur Blvd., Poughkeepsie. The date is To Be Determined. Spring Super Saturday is a ‘members teaching members’ day with project and technique classes.
In order to offer a nice variety of classes, WE NEED VOLUNTEERS TO TEACH! If you have any ideas, techniques, or have a specific class you would like to teach, please contact us.

                                                             Kathy Vanacoro
Normally the guild attends via a bus a show in the Spring, but this year’s trip is not yet decided. Please provide your suggestions to Kathy Vanacoro on alternative trips you would like.

                                                           Merchandise Raffle
                                                                  Holly Harvey
The Merchandise Raffle is a fun way to win one of several great prizes each month.
There are usually 4-5 “regular” prizes on the table, and one special Grab Bag prize. 
When you wear your name tag to the meeting, the ladies at the membership table will give you one free ticket. You may use this ticket for any of the regular prizes.
The prizes  may be books, patterns, kits, thread, tools and of course, FABRIC!!! I shop both locally and when I travel to try to have an interesting array of prizes. 
The raffle is self-supporting. The more tickets that are purchased each month, the nicer the prizes can be the following month. Come join in the fun! Remember, you have to be in it to win it!

                                                          Stitchers’ Exchange
                                                               April Hubbard
RECYCLE! Bring any relevant item related to quilting and stitching that you no longer have a use for - it may be exactly what someone else needs for their next project! In the back of the meeting room, there are two tables for the exchange. Please place fabric on one table and use the second table for quilting magazines, patterns, and tools.


                                                     Nominating Committee
Nominating Committee Openings – Please Volunteer for one of these three positions
Following the rules in the by-laws, the nominating committee presents a slate of officers every year for the June election. The job is easiest when members take the initiative to volunteer for positions because they wish to help define, manage and grow the guild. If approached for an open position, please consider accepting it knowing that you are viewed as someone who can make a positive contribution to the guild. Being a member of the committee also influences the 'personality' of the guild. Getting involved and contributing in any role can bring you personal satisfaction.

                                                  Fay DuBois and Lynn Molsen
Stop often at the guild’s webpage that our webmistress, Fay, maintains. There is information there on almost every aspect of the guild’s activities, its history, activities, projects like Community Quilts and Challenges, inspiration, etc. including snapshots! Most of the newsletter can be found here. Late breaking news can be posted there also. If you have any information that you would like to add, or as you complete your projects, from speaker classes, Super Saturday and challenges, please feel free to email either one of us, or both, a photo of your project and we'll get it on the website in the proper place. Be sure to tell us exactly what inspired it (class, challenge, super sat., etc. Share and Inspire is welcome too.) There is so much wonderful work being done, we'd like to display it so members and potential members can ooh and aah, as we do.

                                               Pat Clark and Judy Beahan
Pat is the newsletter editor. She compiles and edits input from each committee chair, and emails the newsletter to all members and friends ten days in advance of the meeting. Judy Beahan makes copies and mails the newsletter to those members who receive a paper copy. Please NOTE: The email ID that sends the newsletter is . Please make sure it is in your contacts list so your newsletter will not be tagged as spam.
If you would like to submit entries to be included in future newsletters, please email/send them to Pat ( Please notify Jennifer Basile, membership, if your email or mailing address changes. Pat maintains a friends and interested parties distribution list. If you know of anyone who would like to receive an email copy of our newsletter, just let Pat know. The dates for Newsletter submissions are listed on the FDQ calendar.

                                                Member Notices in Newsletter
                                                  Pat Clark, newsletter editor
We welcome your information on quilt related activities in the community. Space allowing, we also will post notices for quilting/stitchery related items you’d like to sell, give away or are searching for. Sale items will appear only in one issue of the newsletter. If you have something that you want to share with the members, something quilt/sewing related for sale, events of interest, etc., please send them to the newsletter email ID of If room, they will be included in the newsletter.