Community Quilts
Holly Harvey

Recipient organizations include:

Astor Home for Children

Poughkeepsie Children's Home

Center for Prevention of Child Abuse


Hyde Park Homeless Shelter

Veterans' Administration at Castle Point Hospital

Representatives of Community Quilts will be delivering the wheelchair quilts to Castle Point before our next guild meeting. This is the culmination of the hard work of many individuals, thank you all so much for supporting this important project.

Community Quilts will have the final bee of 2018 on Tuesday, November 13 at 10:00 at Liz's barn. Last month we concentrated of piecing our batting scraps and kitting up completed quilt tops and backings to be quilted this winter. This month we will focus on cutting a few more kits for members to work on over the winter months. Many thanks to Liz Kraayenbrink for her continued hospitality at the barn.

Thank you all for your continued support of Community Quilts.

Many of you have asked if there are required measurements for the quilts so here they are:

  • The Children's Home boy's cottage, prefers quilts approximately 60"x60".
  • Astor Home prefers quilts approximately 50” X 80”.
  • The veterans like a lap quilt approximately 60” square.
  • The quilts donated to young children measure 36”, 40”, 42” up to 48” square.  Baby/toddler quilts are meant to be “cuddle” quilts and should be no larger than a crib size quilt.