Community Quilts
Holly Harvey

Quilts for Veterans

Community Quilts has remained active this summer, as we work to finish the quilts we have started, and plan new projects for the future. I would like to take this opportunity to thank all of our members for their support of our efforts to provide the love and warmth that a specially made quilt gives its recipient, especially one in need. A special thanks to Liz Kraayenbrink for generously allowing us to work in her barn.

Community Quilts typically meets on the third Thursday of the month during the warmer months of the year, April through November. Dates for the upcoming year will be posted in the FDQ Year at a Glance document.

We will continue to prepare kits for those who prefer to piece a quilt at home. Kits will be available at guild meetings. Please note when you take a kit home there is no obligation to return it immediately. Also, if you are learning free motion quilting, quilting one of the quilts is a great way to practice your new skills!

If you would like to piece tops or make a quilt on your own, please speak to a committee member. There is fabric and patterns available to make quilt tops including batting and backing fabric if you would like to complete the quilt.

Recipient organizations include:

Astor Home for Children

Poughkeepsie Children's Home

Center for Prevention of Child Abuse


Hyde Park Homeless Shelter

Veterans' Administration at Castle Point Hospital

Many of you have asked if there are required measurements for the quilts so here they are:

  • The Children's Home boy's cottage, prefers quilts approximately 60"x60".
  • Astor Home prefers quilts approximately 50” X 80”.
  • The veterans like a lap quilt approximately 60” square.
  • The quilts donated to young children measure 36”, 40”, 42” up to 48” square.  Baby/toddler quilts are meant to be “cuddle” quilts and should be no larger than a crib size quilt.