DH Quilt Show Committee

Karen Abramson,   Chairman

It's time to start work on our quilt for 2021! For those new to the guild... every two years we make a raffle quilt where the proceeds help fund a scholarship at Dutchess Community College. The quilt is all done by hand... hand-pieced, hand-appliquéd, and hand-quilted. The majority of the work is done by members of First Dutchess. We usually have over 30 people participate.

Dutchess Heritage Raffle Quilt Progress: Linda Dearing & Shelley Greener

May 2020 update:  The raffle quilt is coming along well... over half of the packets have been handed out.
But if you have not gotten around to taking one, there's still a chance for you. Let me know
whether you want piecing or appliqué and I will get it to you somehow!
Hope everyone is staying safe and sane.
Take care! Linda Dearing 845 471-9286 lfdearing@verizon.net

Linda Dearing 845-471-9286 lfdearing@verizon.net Shelley Greener 845-255-5616 sjgreenerquilts@hvc.rr.com