DH Quilt Show Committee

Karen Abramson,   Chairman

2019 DHQ Raffle Quilt  Update

Last Call for Hand Quilters!
Eleanor’s Lost Treasure is nearing completion. We are in the process of finishing the borders (but you know how long that can take).
A million thanks to everyone who has worked on it, and if you still want a chance to help, let me know!

Linda Dearing 845-471-9286 lfdearing@verizon.net

The 2019 show theme is a quote from Eleanor Roosevelt used with permission of the Eleanor Roosevelt Foundation. “The Way to Begin is to Begin”.

Kathleen Basso has embraced the role of vendor chairman for the 2019 show. We will see some old friends as well as a few new additions.

We will also have a new caterer. The caterer has researched dishes preferred by Eleanor Roosevelt and added a dish based on her hospitality. I love the thoughtful attention to detail that he is demonstrating.

Looking forward to a great show – October 12 & 13, 2019.
I hope you will reserve these dates.

2019 DH QUILT SHOW Important Dates At-A-Glance

September 19th Registration Deadline for all entries.
October 5th ONLY DAY FOR IN-PERSON delivery of all entries.
October 8th Judging – Held at the Henry A. Wallace Center at the FDR Presidential Library
October 11th Show Set Up – Quilt Hanging from noon to 4 PM

Almost done.  Just needs a little hand quilting in the borders.