DH Quilt Show Committee

Karen Abramson,   Chairman

2019 DHQ Raffle Quilt  Update

Eleanor’s Lost Treasure  is done!  A million thanks to everyone who has worked on it.

Linda Dearing 845-471-9286 lfdearing@verizon.net

Quilt show to display costumes made by Kate Themel:

The show committee is delighted to announce that the show will be displaying costumes made by Kate Themel. The work on each piece is exquisite and the overall effect is delightful. We are grateful to Carol Weber for thinking of asking. Sometimes you really do get what you asked for! To facilitate the display the show committee is looking for several dress forms. If you have one that we could borrow for the show, please contact Carol Weber.

Our most important task this month is signing up our show volunteers! Thanks so much to everyone who took the time to sign up at the May meeting. Elaine Watkins, assisted by Pat Moran, will continue the sign-up opportunity at the June guild meeting. Please find the volunteer role that works best for you and add your name to the list. The show is so much more fun when you sign up to help.

The other fun Show activity in May was the presentation of two scholarships at Dutchess Community College. This year’s recipients are: Elizabeth Mundas and Vanessa Wade.They are older students in the Department of Performing, Visual Arts and Communications.

Prior show information to remember::
We are pleased to announce the following lectures and workshops for the quilt show. Our guest speaker is our very own, Debby Brown. https://www.debbybrownquilts.com/lecturesworkshops

• Saturday, October 12 at 1 PM Lecture: More or Less Quilting: The Evolution of Design.

• Sunday, October 13, at 1 PM: No One Right Way to Quilt. "What should I quilt on this quilt?" There is         no single right answer to that question. The quilting can be a secondary design or a show-stopper as Debby will show by presenting a series of the same quilt quilted in different ways.

1/2 day workshop Sunday, October 13, 9 AM to Noon:
Training Wheels for Free-Motion Quilting: Whether you consider yourself an artist or not, free-motion quilting is for everyone. A large quilt can be overwhelming but by dividing the quilt into small areas it becomes easily approachable. Learn strategies, techniques, and designs in this half-day workshop.

Full day workshop Monday, October 14 at 9:30 AM to 3 PM:
Quilt Show Exclusive Cutie Pattern! Debby will reveal a new Cutie Pattern that she is releasing in our class. Be the first to see and stitch this new pattern using sixteen fat eighths of fabric.

Plan to join the fun!

2019 DH QUILT SHOW Important Dates At-A-Glance
September 19th Registration Deadline for all entries.
October 5th ONLY DAY FOR IN-PERSON delivery of all entries.
October 8th Judging – Held at the Henry A. Wallace Center at the FDR Presidential Library
October 11th Show Set