The President's Message

Meegan Veeder-Shave

Have you ever wanted to learn how to quilt?
Do you want to learn new quilting ideas and techniques?
Do you want to meet people who have fiber art interests and make new friends?

Join us for motivation, encouragement and camaraderie. All levels of quilters are welcome. We have workshops and speakers and special events to provide opportunities to learn and practice quilting in its many different forms. We would love to see you come and learn about this truly expressive art.
Meegan Veeder-Shave- President

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While looking for inspirational messages for a secret summer pal exchange that I am involved in I found some great ones to share with you all!
~Sometimes the bravest and most important thing that you can do is just show up.
~Focus on the step in front of you and not the whole staircase
~Learn from the mistakes of others- you can't live long enough to make them all yourself-
Eleanor Roosevelt
~My mission in life is not merely to survive but to thrive and to do so with passion, some
compassion, some humor, and some style.
I write this message with some happiness and some sadness. This past weekend, Cosette and I made what is, realistically, the last trip to visit a terminally ill family friend who was given about a week to "get her affairs in order" and move from her home in Virginia to her childhood home in Tennessee to be with family for her last days. Maybe my search for quotes for my secret pal led me to find ones that helped in this particular situation. Our friend has been fighting her battle with what has started as ovarian cancer for 20 years yet even in the face of her mortality (at 42) she had grace, composure, and humor as we sorted most of her belongings and because of a
lack of time, most of it went into the dumpster. It really made me look my mortality in the face yet again (due to my own health issues, I've had the reality check before) but I am happy we went. It wasn't easy but was worth every minute we were there. I hope you continue to make, cultivate and
celebrate friendships and connections, whether through the Quilters guild or other areas in your life, and know that sometimes just showing up is enough.

P.S. we still have positions in the guild that need volunteers-drop me a line if you are interested

One stitch at a time,
Meegan Veeder-Shave (See newsletter for email address)

FDQ Website:

Fay DuBois and Lynn Molsen

I have immensely enjoyed functioning as the First Dutchess Quilters' web mistress. I have learned
a tremendous amount regarding computers, website providers, working around limitations,
interacting with FDQ members, posting all sorts of items and much more! It has been a
wonderful experience for which I am very grateful. Unfortunately, I must turn over the reins to
someone else, as I focus on medical issues in my family.

Our current contract with the web provider, Network Solutions, is fully paid through August, 2022.

This gives the next web mistress time to learn the new software that is available through our current company now, and is smart phone friendly. The new software is more current with today's appearance and uses, and gives us
an opportunity to construct an amazing new website.

This really is exciting work with many rewards. I hope each member will consider doing this remarkable work either alone or with a partner.  (Lynn Molzen has been a gem.)  The rewards are great.


Fay DuBois