Vice President - Janet Jozwiak

Our final program for this membership year will be a special look at what happens to your quilt at a quilt show judging. If you wonder how all those quilts can be compared and awarded ribbons, if you are reluctant to enter your quilt in a show for whatever reason, if you think you might be a good quilt judge, you should come to the June meeting to get some insights into the process, from Carole Peterson (see Carole’s bio under In The Spotlight section of this newsletter).

We need about 10 quilts for the mock judging so if you are willing to share one of yours at the meeting send me (Janet) an email or text, or phone message so we make sure we have enough there to do the program.

In addition, we’ll have an update from the Dutchess Heritage Quilt Show with information on entering quilts, or wearables for the fashion show, signing up to volunteer at the show.
Bring your Paula Nadelstern 60-30 blocks or other past workshop projects for share and inspire to the June meeting.

I just want to add that I’ve had fun planning the programs for the last 2 years, meeting and dining with our speakers and taking workshops that I might not have tried. I know if you are working during the week it’s hard to justify taking a vacation or personal day to go to a workshop, or starting another project sets your head spinning, but taking the time for yourself and learning something new, trying things you might not otherwise tackle on your own, and spending time with other quilters can be a great way to get motivated and recharge yourself. Even if you only make one block (as I often do), or decide you don’t like the technique (paper piecing is still not my thing), it’s something you learned, you saw how others put together colors or patterns and may be inspired for your next project. I encourage everyone to sign up for workshops (it’s hard to get big name speakers if we don’t have enough participants), help the VP/program chair with ideas, meet the speakers for dinner or host them overnight, be a workshop helper, or a speaker helper at the meeting. If you have a good idea for a speaker, volunteer to help arrange the details. Again,

I want to thank Jeanne Glick for prescheduling a number of speakers to start off ahead of the game, and I know your new VP/program chair (Janice Peterson is the volunteer-nominee) will have some new fresh ideas for the coming year. I hope you’ve enjoyed the programs the last 2 years as much as I have.