Winter to Spring 2021 Challenge:

Jeanne Glick

Have you been doing more reading during the pandemic? Would you like a challenge? Design a cover for your favorite book, adult or children’s, or for that matter any book which inspires you.

1. Quilt = three layers. Edge finish can be faced or bound.
2. Quilt must have book title on the front.
3. Perimeter 36” - 64”.
4. And last: incorporate the fabric which we will provide - a ten inch square of “horizon,” the 2021 Kona color of the year.
5. Our reveal will be in our June meeting. In the event we are still meeting via Zoom please plan to submit a photo of your quilt by June 1 so that they can be set up for virtual viewing.

Instructions for submission will be provided in May

To sign up for the challenge and receive your fabric please contact Jeanne Glick by email:
Jeanne Glick or 845-463-2510. Whichever method, please leave your name, mailing
address, and phone number.