The 2018-19 Year at a Glance


FDQ Calendar


September 2018

Tues. 4            Newsletter Submissions due (distribution 9/8)

Wed. 19          FDQ Meeting: Poughkeepsie Library, 141 Boardman Road, Poughkeepsie

 Welcome Back and Summer Challenge Reveal


October 2018 – Location Millbrook Farm and Home Center, Cornell Cooperative Extension, 2715 US-44, Millbrook

Mon. 1             Newsletter Submissions due (distribution 10/6)

Tues. 16          Community Quilts Bee/Barn

Wed. 17          FDQ Meeting: Cornell Cooperative Extension, 2715 US-44, Millbrook

Eleanor Levie - Rock Your Quilting!

                        Bring own drinks (water not potable)

Thurs. 18        Eleanor Levi Workshop - Nine Patch Gone Wild, location Cornell Coop. Ext


November 2018– Location Millbrook Farm and Home Center, Cornell Cooperative Extension, 2715 US-44, Millbrook

Mon.10/29     Newsletter Submissions due Oct 29 (distribution 11/3))

Tues 13          Community Quilt Bee/Barn

Wed. 14          FDQ Meeting:  Cornell Cooperative Extension, 2715 US-44, Millbrook (a week early due to early Thanksgiving)

Bobbie Bergquist - Not your Conventional Quilting Techniques

Thurs. 15        Bobbie Bergquist - Workshop Stained Glass and Quilt As You Go

Bring own drinks (water not potable)


December 2018 – Location TBD

Mon. 3             Newsletter Submissions due (distribution 12/8)

Wed. 19          FDQ Meeting: Renee Pasquale - Living a Soulful Life Trunk Show


January 2019 – Location TBD

Fri. 12/28       Newsletter Submissions due (distribution 1/5)

Wed. 16          FDQ Meeting:  Long Arm Quilting Presentation by members

Fri – Sun 18-20          FDQ Annual Retreat, Interlaken Inn in Lakeville, CT

February 2019 – Location TBD

Mon. 4             Newsletter Submissions due (distribution 2/9)

Wed. 20          FDQ Meeting: Quilt Show Challenge and demos or Sewcial


March 2019 – Location TBD

Mon. 4             Newsletter Submissions due (distribution 3/9)

Wed. 20          FDQ Meeting: Speaker/Workshop to be determined


April 2019 – Location TBD

Mon. 1             Newsletter Submissions due (Distribution April 6)

Thurs. 11        Community Quilt Bee/ Barn

Wed. 17          FDQ Meeting:  Location to be announced


May 2019 – Location TBD

Mon. 4/29      Newsletter Submissions due (Distribution 5/4)

Wed. 15          FDQ Meeting: Location to be announced

Paula Nadelstern Lecture    

Thurs. 16        Workshop Paula Nadelstern 

Thurs. 16        Community Quilt Bee/ Barn THIS DATE IS SUBJECT TO CHANGE.


June 2019 – Location TBD

Mon. 3             Newsletter Submissions due (distribution 6/8

Wed. 19          FDQ Meeting:  Carole Peterson – What happens at quilt judging. 

Thurs. 20        Community Quilt Bee/ Barn


Programs and Workshops

Janet Jozwiak

"The Purpose of the First Dutchess Quilters is to promote interest in and encourage participation in the art of quilting to stimulate and coordinate the efforts and artistic talents of individuals interested in quilting in a social setting."   –  Source Article II of the by-laws.

In keeping with the By-laws of First Dutchess Quilters, the programs offered each year aim to provide education, inspiration and enjoyment in the quilting arts.   Speakers from the quilting world are invited to present lectures, trunk shows and workshops several times each year.  There are also member driven activities offered at meetings when there is no speaker.  The speakers for the 2018/19-year are listed in the FDQ calendar.  The workshops are as follows:


Oct. 18            Eleanor Levie Workshop Nine Patch Goes Wild!

Nov. 15            Bobbie Berquist workshop on Stained Glass plus Quilt-As-You-Go

May 16          Paula Nadelstern.

The guild workshops will be held at the Cornell Cooperative Extension, 2715 Rt. 44, Millbrook NY.  The center is 1.64 miles east of the Taconic State Parkway, on the north side of the highway.       



Kate Lange

Be sure and “like” our Facebook page, First Dutchess Quilters.  If you have any pictures or news that would be of interest to our group, please contact Kate.




Jennifer Basile

Welcome to a new year at First Dutchess Quilters Guild!  Come with a friend, bring a guest, or meet new friends who share common interests in the art and craft of quilting.


Membership is $45 per year due at the September meeting.  Members who join or renew early (this year’s deadline is Aug 30, 2018) will be entered in a drawing for a free one-year membership.  A reduced membership fee of $30, for part year membership, is for new members joining after December 31, 2018. Guests are always welcome at FDQ meetings, we do appreciate a guest donation particularly when we have a paid speaker or materials provided at the meeting.  Dues finance the activities of the Guild (except those that are covered by special fees such as trips and workshops).


All members are welcomed and signed in by volunteer greeters seated near the entrance door.  If you remember to wear your name tag you will be given a ticket for the merchandise raffle drawings.  Guests and new members will be given a nametag.  If you would like to be a greeter for the winter or spring months, contact Jennifer.



Raymonda Crowe

Sunshine sends cards to our members who are hospitalized or have a death in their immediate family. This works only if members let Raymonda or Meegan Veeder-Shave know if they know someone in our guild who is in need of a little sunshine in their life.


Community Quilts

Holly Harvey

Community Quilts meets approximately once a month, traditionally during the warmer months at Liz Kraayenbrink's barn (953 Netherwood Rd., Hyde Park).  Our meetings run from 10:00 AM to 2:00 PM, and include a brown bag lunch break.  We work on quilts that are donated to charity.  Some of the organizations that we have donated to include the Children's Home of Poughkeepsie, Carenet, Astor Home for Children, the Veteran's Administration at Castle Point, and Center for Prevention of Child Abuse.  All are welcome to come to the bees to either help for the day, or on a more long-term basis.  If you cannot make a bee, please consider working on a quilt kit that are prepared for you and available at the regular guild meetings. The dates for the Bee’s are listed in the FDQ Calendar.



Elaine Watkins

Each winter we get an opportunity for a break by getting away for a weekend of nonstop sewing.  


Our annual retreat weekend will be January 18 - 20, 2019. and we have a new location!   We will now be going to Interlaken Inn in Lakeville CT on the NY/CT border. Driving time from the Poughkeepsie side of Mid Hudson Bridge is about 1 hour straight out Rt 44E. This is a fun long weekend to get away and sew till you drop!  Bring your own projects to work on and whatever equipment you need (sewing machine, iron and board, extra light, etc.).  Non-members of FDQ are welcome and may register starting Oct.12.


Details and registration forms will be in the September - November newsletters.





Merchandise Raffle

Holly Harvey

The Merchandise Raffle is a fun way to win one of several great prizes each month. 


There are usually 4-5 “regular” prizes on the table, and one special Grab Bag prize.  You may buy a strip of 3 tickets for $1.00, or a strip of 10 tickets for $3.00.  When you purchase the strip of 10, one will automatically be placed in the cup for the Grab Bag prize.  No other tickets can be placed in the Grab Bag cup.  You may place as many of your remaining tickets in any of the cups for the regular prizes as you like.


When you wear your name tag to the meeting, the ladies at the membership table will give you one free ticket.  You may use this ticket for any of the regular prizes.


The prizes on the table may be books, patterns, kits, thread, tools and of course, FABRIC!!!  I shop both locally and when I travel to try to have an interesting array of prizes.  I had a blast shopping the vendor floor at Quilt Odyssey this summer.  

The raffle is self-supporting.  The more tickets that are purchased each month, the nicer the prizes can be the following month.  Come join in the fun!  Remember, you have to be in it to win it!


Super Saturday

Shelley Greener

Spring Super Saturday is usually held at St. John’s Lutheran Church, 55 Wilbur Blvd., Poughkeepsie.  The date is April 6, 2019.  Spring Super Saturday is a ‘members teaching members’ day with project and technique classes.


In order to offer a nice variety of classes, WE NEED VOLUNTEERS TO TEACH!  If you have any ideas, techniques, or have a specific class you would like to teach, please contact us.



Kathy Vanacoro

Normally the guild attends The Quilt & Sewing Fest of New Jersey in the spring, but this year it is not being held.   Please provide your suggestions to Kathy Vanacoro on alternative trips you would like.


Nominating Committee

Chris Mars, Stephanie Walker, Lyanne Ornstein

Following the rules in the by-laws, the nominating committee presents a slate of officers every year for the June election.  The job is easiest when members take the initiative to volunteer for positions because they wish to help define, manage and grow the guild.  If approached for an open position, please consider accepting it knowing that you are viewed as someone who can make a positive contribution to the guild.  Being a member of the committee also influences the 'personality' of the guild.  Getting involved and contributing in any role can bring you personal satisfaction.


Guild Webpage

Fay DuBois

Stop often at the guild’s webpage http://firstdutchessquilters.org/  that our webmistress, Fay, maintains.  There is information there on almost every aspect of the guild’s activities, its history, activities, projects like Community Quilts and Challenges, inspiration, etc.  including snapshots!  Late breaking news can be posted there also.  If you have any information that you would like to add, please forward to Fay for posting.



Pat Clark and Judy Beahan

Pat is the newsletter editor.  She compiles and edits input from each committee chair, and emails the newsletter to all members and friends ten days in advance of the meeting. Judy Beahan makes copies and mails the newsletter to those members who receive a paper copy.  Please NOTE: The email ID that sends the newsletter is firstdutchessquilter@aol.com  . Please make sure it is in your contacts list so your newsletter will not be tagged as spam.


If you would like to submit entries to be included in future newsletters, please email/send them to Pat (firstdutchessquilters@aol.com). We welcome your information on quilt related activities in the community.  Space allowing, we also will post notices for quilting/stitchery related items you’d like to sell, give away or are searching for. Please notify Jennifer Basile, membership, if your email or mailing address changes. Pat maintains a friends and interested parties distribution list.  If you know of anyone who would like to receive an email copy of our newsletter, just let Pat know.  The dates for Newsletter submissions are listed on the FDQ calendar.


Dutchess Heritage Quilt Show

Karen Abramson

October 12 & 13, 2019 – Falcon Hall, Dutchess Community College

In the fall of 1981, two quilters admiring a display of quilts at a church fair said, “Let’s put on a quilt show!”  They recognized that there were numerous talented and creative people in the Hudson Valley, and a show would give them the opportunity to share their creativity.  The idea did not gain momentum until early 1982 when the two enthusiastic quilters and friends met to form plans for a show to celebrate DutchessCounty’s 300th Anniversary. The First Dutchess Quilters Guild was approached about hosting the first quilt show, but they decided such a venture was beyond their capabilities at that time.  The organizing group, which became known as the Dutchess Heritage Quilt Show Committee, persevered in their quest to find a sponsor and a place to hold the show.


Dutchess Community College was approached.  Dr. F. Kennon Moody, Dean of the Office of Community Services, encouraged the quilters to continue their plans with the full and enthusiastic cooperation of the college.  The first show, a partnership between the Dutchess Heritage Quilt Show Committee and Dutchess Community College, took place at the college June 4 and 5, 1983, to the delight of all concerned.  The show was an unbelievable success for a first venture.


Frames used for display of the quilts at the first show were borrowed from Northern Star Quilter’s Guild in Somers, NY.  DCC was kind enough to provide a truck and driver at their expense to transport the frames to and from Somers.  When it was decided to make the show a biennial event, DCC provided the funds for the supplies to build our own frames.  Albert (Pete) Waltz designed and built those frames which we continue to use today.


Proceeds from the first show were used to start the Dutchess Heritage Quilt Show account.  After each show, a small amount of money is kept in that account to cover beginning expenses for the next show.  The balance of the proceeds from the raffle quilt and the show is given to the Dutchess Community College Foundation to be added to the Dutchess Heritage Quilt Show Scholarship fund.  This scholarship is given each year to a student in the Art Department.  Thanks to our efforts, and the continuing support of Dutchess Community College, the amount of our yearly scholarship award has continued to increase.  Today, we present two scholarships valued at a full semester’s tuition.



Executive Committee and Committee Chairs



Executive Board:                                                                                              
Meegan Veeder-Shave
Janet Jozwiak
Kathleen Basso
Raymonda Crowe
   Immediate Past President   
Carol Weber
Pat Zitz
  Nominating Committee
Chris Mars, Stephanie Walker, Lyanne Ornstein
Standing Committees:
Kate Lange, Chair
  Community Quilts
Holly Harvey, Chair
Jennifer Basile
Pat Clark – Editor

Judy Beahan – Publisher
Janet Jozwiak, Chair
Special Interest Committees:
Sue Hardy
  Dutchess Heritage Quilt Show Chairman
Karen Abramson
DHQS Raffle Quilt
Linda Dearing, Shelley Greener
  Merchandise Raffle
Holly Harvey
Elaine Watkins
Raymonda Crowe
  Super Saturday
Shelley Greener
  Stitchers' Exchange
April Hubbard
Kathy Vanacoro
  Web Mistress
Fay DuBois



First Dutchess Quilters


                                                                                  FDQ Calendar
                                                            Program and Workshop / Events information

Welcome to First Dutchess Quilters Guild. Whether you are new to the guild or a long-time member we hope you feel welcome at our meetings and other events. The best way to feel more a part of the group is to get involved, come to meetings, participate in workshops, community quilting, Super Saturday, bus trips, volunteer for a guild position or at the Dutchess Heritage Quilt Show.

The Guild meets regularly on the third Wednesday** of every month from September through June at: Freedom Plains United Presbyterian Church
                              1168 Route 55 in Lagrangeville, NY 12540

Doors open at 6:15 PM and the meeting begins at 6:45PM. Guests are always welcome.

Meegan Veeder-Shave

2019-2020  Calendar of Events

September 2019
Wed. 18 Quilt Appraisals with Karen Dever – Contact Janice Peterson
Wed. 18 Guild meeting – Karen Dever – My Garden of Quilts – Botanical Textiles showing her love of quilting and gardening in this presentation of antique, vintage and contemporary botanical quilts made over the past 200 years.

October 2019

Thurs. 17 Community Quilts 10AM at Liz’s Barn

Wed. 23 Guild meeting – Barb Vedder – Quilts - The Story of My Life. This will be a presentation and trunk show representing her 25-year journey in quilt making and design. She will present her quilts chronologically to show the evolution of her work from commercial patterns to adaptation to original work. She shares her sources for inspiration and how she has interpreted them in her work in hopes that it will inspire you to tell your own story.  Her site: https://funwithbarbandmary.blogspot.com

Sat – Sun 10/12 – 10/13 DHQS

November 2019
Wed. 20 Guild Meeting: Barbara Persing. This will be both a lecture/trunk show Pictorial Art Quilts. Barbara shares her unique journey of becoming a master of art quilts. The notion that these designs pertain solely to those “Art School” graduates of the quilting arena will quickly dissipate as she uses humor and knowledge to describe the disappointments and successes of becoming an award-winning quilter. Attendees will gain enormous insight into the various techniques and products she utilizes, which ultimately bring her captivating pieces to life. So, cast aside your theories of “who” and “how” these one-of-a-kind quilts are made. After one hour, Barbara will have you filled with all the confidence needed to embrace and make pictorial quilts an attainable part of your designing world!
Her site: https://barbarapersing.com/

Wed. 21 Workshop: Barbara Persing – Edge Coloring Appliqué. In the 6-hour workshop Barbara will teach you her concepts and techniques for raw-edge applique using glue basting and no fusible using her pattern, Iceland Poppies.

December 2018
Wed. 18 Guild Meeting: Sheri Cifaldi-Morrill. Sheri will present Aurifilosophy, a program designed to unlock the mystery of thread and help all users achieve brilliant results! Sheri, a certified Aurifilospher, will present a fun and informative presentation and trunk show of her award-winning quilts that will increase your knowledge of thread, tools, uses and tips. Exclusive Aurifil resources and swag for attendees included!  Her website:   http://www.wholecirclestudio.com/

January 2020
Wed. 15 Guild Meeting: The speaker for January will be Fred DiBernardo, from LaGrange Physical Therapy. He will be discussing posture, stretches and exercises to avoid (and relieve) strain when we spend hours hunched over our cutting mats, sewing machines, quilting machines and lap work.

Fri – Sun 17 – 19 FDQ Annual Retreat, Interlaken Inn in Lakeville, CT.

February 2020
Wed. 19 Guild Meeting: Topic to be determined.

March 2020
Wed. 18 Guild Meeting: Timna Tarr Trunk show. Her site: http://www.timnatarr.com/
Date-March 21 Super Saturday:

April 2020
Wed. 15 Guild Meeting: Karen Combs. Her website: https://www.karencombs.com/
Thurs. 16 Workshop: Karen Combs

May 2020
Wed. 20 Guild Meeting: Topic to be determined

June 2020
Wed. 17 Guild Meeting: Topic to be determined.

             Weather Cancellation Policy
If Arlington schools are closed because of winter weather, the FDQ meeting will be canceled.
School cancellations are at http://cancellations.com/ . In addition, a meeting could be canceled due to nasty weather late in the day, after school hours.

If a meeting is canceled, it will be posted on the website on the Home and Activities and Year at a Glance pages

We will also try to send out an email, and/or an old-fashioned telephone tree.

March program is cancelled

April Meeting, Program and Workshop are Cancelled.

May Meeting is cancelled.

June Meeting is cancelled.

Sept. 16, 2020
Oct. 21
Nov. 18
Dec. 16
Jan. 20, 2021
Feb. 17
March 17 (St. Patrick’s Day)
April 21
May 19
June 16

Calendar for Upcoming Year 2020-2021